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Your Perfume Journey Starts Here

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The global perfume market reached a value of US$ 38.8 Billion in 2018, and is expected to grow to about US$ 48 Billion in 2018. Major factors driving the demand for perfumes worldwide are rapid urbanisation, increasing population and aggressive advertising by the premium brands. Since we get our premium oils from the same sources as large perfume houses, you can take advantage of this rapidly growing industry by selling a high-quality smell-alike product to your clients.

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"I am also selling other products like Justine, etc. FGC allows me to make 100% profit on the price I pay them for the wholesale product. Whenever I get my fragrances delivered via courier our office smells like a garden! People love the range of the fragrance and the quality of the product."

Meyrlene G - Boksburg

"Affordable. Now you can buy a variety of fragrances one for each day of the month. Clients are coming back for more.  Why pay thousands of rands if you can get it for a reasonable price?"

Leandra P - Edenvale

"I can’t believe how close the Michael Kors Gold smells to the original. I have spent thousands on original perfumes and my life is forever changed by using the Fragrance Garden Collection Brand."

Jacqueline B - Sandton

"It is the first time I’ve ordered from FGC and I am very impressed! My previous supplier's range didn’t even smell even close to the originals and their perfume did not last very long after use. I’m so glad I came across FGC because I can see you definitely have pride in your product! Now I can sell your product with confidence!"

Eltazia D - Potchefstroom

"Just thought I should let you know that I received my order this morning and I am very very pleased with the product!  It smells much closer to the real thing than those of previous supplier I tried and it lasts much longer as well!  So it just shows that all of the generic perfume suppliers are not doing more or less the same thing ! "

Amanda K - Durban